Albert AyzenbergAlbert AyzenbergAlbert AyzenbergAlbert AyzenbergAlbert AyzenbergAlbert Ayzenberg

Albert Ayzenberg was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, and came to the United States as a young child. A passionate cinematographer and storyteller with an exceptional ability to push creative boundaries, Ayzenberg brings unique vision and truth to any project. He believes the key to powerful content is listening carefully to and finding common ground with the people in front of the camera.  

Over a career spanning 25 years, Ayzenberg has developed a deep breadth and depth of experience, a vast technical knowledge, and an uncommon ability to adapt to myriad environments and production specifications. He has shot, edited and produced countless high-quality pieces for television, video and web - from documentaries, short films, and narrative, to marketing campaigns, corporate events, product launches and demos. He also produces still photography for digital and print.

His photos have been published in Women's Health, Shape, Hamptons Magazine, Gotham Magazine & Dance Magazine.

Ayzenberg is Director of Photography at Ovation Studios, prior to which he worked as an editor for ABC Network in NYC.

In 2000 Ayzenberg's tireless love of cinematography led him to found a.a. productions, an independent company focused on developing high-end video. Most recently, Ayzenberg's #BehindtheGlass series - a one-off collection of exclusive interviews with the world's most celebrated photographers, film producers and directors - has won much acclaim.

These individual "inspirational projects" are where Ayzenberg's true passion lies. That and with his precious daughter's.

"Filming my daughter's birth was the greatest production of my life," Ayzenberg says.